VCI Inc., established in 1987, is a Canadian manufacturer of a broad range of ball valve products, and is a division of GVS LTD. These products are available in sizes of up to 12”, for pressures up to 6000 psig, and a wide variety of materials. Since it’s inception, VCI has gained considerable grounds in North America, and has established a leading position in Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution (ULC, CSA & FM Global) as well as High and Low Pressure Steam workings.  

VCI has a complete line of cryogenic valves, which it has been offering since its starting date. This has amounted to years of honing and perfection, allowing VCI to offer only the very best to our clients. Some of the basic cryogenic valve features include:

• Positive ball cavity relief by means of an upstream relief hole in the ball - prevents dangerous overpressure due to thermal expansion.
• Blow out proof stem and zero leak packing
• Bonnet extensions - wall thicknesses and lengths that keep heat transfer down
• Poly-Carbon seats for minus 190°F and Kel-F seats for minus 320°F
• Automation -VCI has one of the most superior and competitive automation packages
• VCI assembles all cryogenic service valves in our clean room facility. Prior to final assembly, valve components are cleaned and degreased. Valves are dry assembled and pressure tested by the utilization of nitrogen. After all testing has been completed, VCI valves are heat-sealed in two 3 mil polyethylene bags.
• On request, VCI will "custom test" per the client's requirements.

VCI also offers Metal Seated Valves: unique metal to metal shut-off Ball Valves, all of various series but universal tailored to comply with ANSI Class V/VI Leakage Standards. The Lowe Valve metal seated is designed and built to provide bubble-tight shut-off service. As with all other products we offer, these valves are all designed specifically for the client’s service conditions. There is an easy and competitive high quality automation that is provided by our Series “S” Actuators. The Series “S” pneumatic rack and pinion actuators offer excellence in standards of safety, reliability, and value. The Series F200K valves are suitable for mounting onto a full range of pneumatic and electric controls. What’s more, we welcome our clients to review the features and benefits that we offer and then check the specifications against other companies, and you’ll find that, dollar for dollar, VCI offers one of the best valve packages in the industry.

A category unto itself, the Lowe Valve is a patented, precision quarter turn valve that VCI is proud to offer, with many of the advantages of other valves - without the disadvantages. The Lowe Valve utilizes a patented spiral motion to open and close, combined with some of the desirable features of Gate, Ball and Plug valves. The spiral action disc sits in tapered ground seats creating a bubble and droptight closure. Disc contact is only with the stem connection and the seats, and never the body! Features such as the low torque one quarter turn operation, wear compensating adjustments, back seating, actuator compatibility are all an integral part of every such valve, and make it a highly sought after choice for valve solutions.  

Please contact us for complete product literature, technical data, installation reference lists as well as product quality standard certifications.